5 Ways BookBub Is Better for Book Recommendations Than Bestseller Lists


Many see bestseller lists as the hallmark of achievement for authors – an increased amount of attention, reputation, and a boost in sales – but with bestseller lists, you’re missing out on many noteworthy titles. Here are five reasons why bestseller lists aren’t the best way to find your next book, and how the discount ebook service, BookBub, stacks up.

1. Lists Are Subjective and Don’t Reflect Your Tastes

Bestseller Lists: Lists are based almost entirely on book sales and it’s unreasonable to think that your reading preferences will line up with the masses. You may miss out on books you’d love simply because the largest portion of the reading population didn’t purchase them.

BookBub: BookBub works with a wide range of authors from large publishing houses down up to up-and-coming independent authors. Their daily deals span over 30 genres and aim to find titles to please every reader, no matter how specific their tastes.

2. Lists Are Stagnant and Won’t Give You New Suggestions

Bestseller Lists: Though it’s undeniable that there’s a buzz around best selling titles, lists often remain relatively unchanged.The New York Times bestseller list barely changes from week to week, and book lovers are left looking elsewhere for new recommendations.

BookBub: BookBub offers customized new deals every day, exposing you to a variety of titles that are tailored to your choices, hand-picked by an expert editorial team.

3. Reporting Isn’t Always Accurate, Overlooking Emerging Talents

Bestseller Lists: Some lists such as The Wall Street Journal rely on sales metrics which aren’t reflective of sales from some retailers and independent authors. Self-published writers such as The Martian author Andy Weir don’t appear on many bestseller lists until much later, when they’ve signed a book deal and their book is re-released.

BookBub: While BookBub  often highlights works from best sellers, it always features a broad spectrum of writers. BookBub’s featured deals have even propelled works to bestseller lists, such as Kate Moretti’s Thought I Knew You.

4. Lists Aren’t Representative of All Readers and Miss Great Titles

Bestseller Lists: Not all lists are comprehensive. Some publications’ lists slant toward business and non-fiction, while others heavily feature thrillers and mysteries, making it difficult for some books to appear if they don’t fall into broad categories.

BookBub: From romance to mystery, cookbooks to non-fiction, and literary to historical fiction there are more than 30 categories to choose from to customize your recommendations.

5. Book Sales Don’t Determine If You’ll Like a Book

Bestseller Lists: Even though you have your own reading preferences, bestseller lists often benefit from a cascading effect – people trust the decisions others made before them, even if those decisions might contradict their own preferences. Many purchase a book simply because everyone else has.

BookBub: With only low prices ranging from free to $3.99, BookBub is a great, risk free and affordable way to try new books and authors and discover titles you’d otherwise miss out on.

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