4 Things That Drive Ebook Readers Crazy

These days, people love their ereaders — and it’s no wonder! Being able to read books on a screen is the biggest change in how humans read since the invention of the printing press! When else in human history could you find millions of books literally at the touch of your fingertips, and without even having to leave your house? Ereaders are the BEST.

But even the best things in life come with downsides. Here are a few of the things that drive ebook lovers like us CRAZY.

1) When people ask “Don’t you miss the feel of a printed book?”

Why is everyone always going on about the touch, the feel of paper? Paper is nice, and sometimes books are really pretty! But I’d take convenience of ebooks over paper any day: every book in the world, available right now! Ebooks are instant gratification!


2) When you’re waiting for the next book by your new fave author

You know how this goes. You hear about a book, you download it immediately (because you can with an ereader!), you read it (and everything else by that author) in a day. Can you say “obsessed”?

And then you get to the end, and all you can do is wait for this author’s next book. (We’re looking at you, George R.R. Martin.)


3) When you don’t know what to read next

This is the problem with infinite choice: there are so many books out there, how do you decide what to read???


4) When you spend all your money on books

We’ve all been there: there are just so many good books, and you want all of them all, and next thing you know you have no money because it all went into your personal library.


Yes, there is a solution

Okay, so there’s nothing we can do about the haters or about authors who just won’t hurry up and finish their books, but at the very least there’s a great new way to get recommendations and discounts on ebooks.

It’s called BookBub, and millions of people are using it to find great deals on books they’ll love! It’s super simple: you tell them what genres of books you like to read, and they email you when bestsellers in that category are free or on sale: recent sales have included Gone Girl, The DaVinci Code, Game of Thrones, and The Girl on the Train! (Did we mention that all the books are free or on sale?)

To see today’s deals and get reading now, go to BookBub.com.

5 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Your Kindle Could Do

KindleA Kindle is so much more than a book. A Kindle is an incredibly innovative piece of technology; however, many readers aren’t aware of the depth of features offered on their Kindle and are truly missing out by failing to utilize the device to its full potential. But we’ll let you in on some secret tips and tricks to helping you make the most of your Kindle device, and get to an even better reading experience. Please note that these hacks are not universal for all Kindle devices and applications and may vary depending on which Kindle model you own.

Happy reading!

Check your storage

Worried your Kindle is running out of room for more books? Get some peace of mind by doing a storage check. On your main screen, press the menu button, and your amount of available free space is shown in megabytes in the upper left corner of your screen.

Organize your books into collections

Whether you have 500 books or just 50, it’s undoubtedly frustrating to scroll through them to find the next one you want to read. Instead, group them into collections of your choosing, such as genres, authors, subject matter or even who recommended them to you.

Here are instructions from Amazon.com on how to create a collection:

  1. Select “Create New Collection” from the Home screen menu.
  2. Enter a name for the collection.
  3. Select “Save” with the 5-way controller when finished.

Look up definitions

Rather than stumbling over a tough word while reading, why not learn its definition? Pressing Kindle’s 5-way controller and moving your cursor over the troubling word will allow the definition to populate the lower portion of your screen.

Learn more about characters and places

Similar to looking up a definition, with Kindle’s X-Ray feature, you can tap on a character, location or event to find out more information about it. For example, using X-Ray for a character will yield info about who he is and where he appears in the book. This feature, however, can only be used with certain books that have information pre-populated for X-Ray.

View your highlights

Every reader knows what it’s like to get caught up in a good bookyou highlight an inspirational quote or stirring passage while reading, only to forget about it moments later. To revisit your highlights, log in to your Amazon account at kindle.amazon.com/your_highlights.

Via Amazon