Why You’re Overpaying for Ebooks…And How to Pay Less

With the New Year in full swing, there’s no better time to get your budget in order. For avid readers, properly budgeting means knowing the secret to stretching your dollar when it comes to reading materials. Below, we’ve outlined a common eBook misconception, and the secret tool that will help you to save nearly $200/year!

The eBook Myth

eBooks should be cheaper than print books, right? After all, processes typically associated with print books – printing, binding, shipping and delivery – aren’t necessary to publish eBooks.  According to one estimate, however, eBook production only costs 10 percent less than print book production.

And even those small savings aren’t necessarily passed onto the consumer. For instance, the average price of a bestselling eBook is about $8.30, while the average price of a mass-market paperback in 2013 is about $7.20. That’s more than a dollar difference.

If you’re purchasing eBooks, this trend doesn’t bode well for your wallet. Buying two full-priced eBooks each month for a year, for example, could cost you more than $200 annually on digital downloads.

The eBook Secret

But don’t abandon that eReader just yet. Huge discounts on eBooks can be found – if you know where to look!

In fact, publishers and authors frequently discount bestselling eBooks up to 90 percent in order to increase digital sales. While many are unaware of these discounts, savvy readers have turned to companies such as BookBub to help them find these deals.

The Savings

BookBub is a free daily email service that alerts consumers to free and discounted eBooks. From popular bestsellers to up-and-coming indie authors, BookBub features a range of titles spanning more than two dozen genres, such as mysteries, romance and historical fiction. What’s more, BookBub’s email is customized to each reader’s preferences. In other words, the deals you receive are hand-selected, personalized recommendations just for you!

Most importantly, though, the deals offers amazing savings, from free titles to 90 percent off! In fact, readers that purchase two dozen $0.99 BookBub eBooks per year would save more than $175 annually on digital reading. With the rising cost of eBooks, this is the smartest way to budget without skimping on quality.

More than 2 million readers have already joined BookBub.

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