The Smart Way to Combat Rising Book Prices

Book lovers, beware! A disturbing new trend is on the rise. Bestselling ebooks are getting more expensive.

According to a report from Digital Book World, over the past six months, the cost of a bestselling ebook has been steadily increasing. Take, for example, the weekly bestseller lists from August. Nearly half of the list is comprised of ebooks priced over $8. With ebook prices skyrocketing, and readers’ wallets getting hit hard, some readers have began to wonder if buying ebooks over print books is worth it. Buying two full-priced ebooks each month for a year, for example, could cost readers more than $200 annually.

However, there is a solution that readers in the know already use to beat these high ebook prices. BookBub alerts millions of people every day to special, limited-time deals bestselling ebooks. The books featured are either free or discounted up to 75%, with prices ranging from $.99 to $2.99.


Chart via Digital Book World

Why do publishers feature such massive discounts on bestselling ebooks? Essentially, these price promotions serve as a marketing tool to drum up interest for an author or to get readers hooked on a series. As the theory goes, the discount provides a low-risk way for readers to try out a new author— and it works! For example, last year, the publishers of The Da Vinci Code ran a week-long freebie on the ebook to boost interest in Dan Brown’s next novel, Inferno. The promotion was a hit— more than 1 million readers downloaded The Da Vinci Code when it was on sale. At full-price, The Da Vinci Code ebook costs up to $9.99.

Savvy readers use services like BookBub to find out about these promotions. Not only are the books heavily discounted, but every ebook featured is also carefully vetted for quality and content by their expert editorial team.

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