Woman Downloads Hundreds of Ebooks Without Paying a Dime

Before Suzie Miller received her ereader, she spent hours scouring thrift stores and used bookstores, constantly on the hunt for bargain books.

“Once I even purchased so many books back East while visiting my kids and grandkids, I had to use a borrowed suitcase to carry home all the books I ‘had to have’ from thrift store bargains,” said Miller, who calls Auburn, Wash., home.

A love of literature can quickly add up, forcing avid readers like Miller to constantly hunt down less expensive books than those found in traditional bookstores — a daunting task considering there are close to 130 million published books in the world.

For those with ereaders and tablets, there’s an easier way. Enter BookBub, a free service that lets readers know about bargain ebooks.

‘More books than I can read in a lifetime’

With BookBub‘s daily email, readers are alerted to deals on bestselling ebooks from award-winning authors. Each book featured on BookBub is free or deeply discounted — with some up to 90% off. The sales are only available for a limited time, so readers are encouraged to act fast to secure the bargains.

Since discovering BookBub last year, Miller claimed she has downloaded more than 350 free books using the service, and estimated her savings to be greater than $1,000. “I now have more books than I can read in a lifetime,” she added.

BookBub subscriber Mona Estrada from Stockton, Calif., corroborates the cost savings the service offers. “I actually download several books a week,” said Estrada. “I’ve saved approximately $40 or more each month using BookBub.” In fact, when compared to full-priced paperback and hardcovers, the average BookBub reader reports an annual savings of $175.

Free ebooks personalized by genre

BookBub’s deals are personalized for each and every reader. Sara Swager of from Mooresville, N.C., enjoys reading primarily romance, supernatural, and historical novels. For readers with varying interests like Swager, it can be exhausting to keep up with the hottest new authors across multiple genres.

Increasingly, these readers are turning to BookBub for help. The 30-second signup process allows readers to select their genre preferences, and the BookBub editorial team then curates deals to match readers’ interests. Within each daily email, readers will see only ebooks in the categories they’ve chosen, allowing for easier, more targeted discovery of bestselling books and award-winning authors.

“I have found new authors that I enjoy reading and have gone on to buy books numerous times from them,” said Swager. “I have probably downloaded close to 100 books from BookBub.”

Proving there is truly something for everyone on BookBub, Miller explained how she has convinced the least likely person to subscribe to the service — her husband!

“I gave my husband a Kindle this past Christmas. He wasn’t a big reader before mainly because of the inconvenience in lugging around clunky books,” said Miller. “When he saw how great it would be to actually have something handy to read anytime and anywhere — without breaking the bank, he took up reading his free books from BookBub.”

Swager added, “If you love to read, you would be crazy to not join BookBub.”

To find out more about the service, go to www.bookbub.com.